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ThermaZone®: Operating Instructions for Treating Acute Pain or Chronic Pain Instantly

ThermaZone® Thermal Therapy uses specially engineered therapeutic heating and cooling pads to deliver body surface therapy to most areas of the body. The device is easy to use and ready when you are.

  1. Select and attach the pad that targets the specific area of pain or treatment (see Pads section)
  2. Place the device on a flat surface (table, desk, night stand, etc.) and plug in
  3. Turn on the device
  4. Adjust the temperature (heat or cool) to the desired temperature level
  5. That’s it. ThermaZone® will consistently provide that temperature throughout the duration of use.


How does the ThermaZone® Pain Relief Device work?

ThermaZone® leverages thermo-electric technology to circulate a consistent flow of water through physician-designed micro-channels, which have been engineered to target specific musculoskeletal pain areas. Unlike other heating & cooling devices that have to be constantly filled with ice, placed in the freezer, or heated in the microwave, thermoelectric technology uses a Peltier system to efficiently and effectively cool or heat a small amount of fluid to a desired temperature and then hold it there for as long as it’s needed.

After you have selected the temperature level desired for your therapy, the pad will inflate slightly as the water circulates; creating a combination of light compression and temperature. The hands-free cooling or heating pads are Velcro compatible for form-fitting adjustability.

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