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How does the ThermaZone® Thermal Therapy Device work?

ThermaZone® leverages thermoelectric technology to circulate a consistent flow of water through form-fitting pads, which have been engineered to target specific musculoskeletal areas. Unlike other heating & cooling devices that have to be constantly filled with ice, placed in the freezer, or heated in the microwave, thermoelectric technology uses a Peltier system to efficiently cool or heat a small amount of fluid to a desired temperature and maintain it.

ThermaZone Pad Cutaway

ThermaZone® pads feature Motion Advantage™ technology - leveraging precise fluid movement and delivering uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the relief pad for the maximum efficiency. With 20 adjustable temperature levels, ThermaZone® temperatures range from 34º to 125°F.


ThermaZone Device

Benefits of ThermaZone:

  • Physician designed coverage; micro channels target key musculoskeletal areas
  • Constant, controlled flow maintains temperature consistency over the entire treatment period
  • Defined waterways mean no "dead spaces" in the pad with varying temperatures
  • Low profile micro channels operate with less water, making them lightweight, more efficient and form-fitting
  • Drug-free heating & cooling device
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