Product Troubleshooting

Issue: Unit isn’t cooling:

Possible Fixes:

  1. First check to see if heat will work. If unit will heat, it will cool and is not malfunctioning. If it does not heat, you will need to return the unit for a replacement. If it does heat, move to following fixes.
  2. It is possible that timer was engaged during initial set up and is affecting cooling. Power off the device and disconnect the power source and wait 30 seconds for device to reset. Restart device and be sure not to engage timer (do not press + or - after first powering on).
  3. It is possible that water reservoir is over-filled or has a water bubble blocking water flow. Power off the device and turn device upside down over a sink and empty water reservoir by gently shaking the device. Refill when complete and try powering on again.
  4. The pad may have been applied too tight which will possibly kinked the water channel. Try reapplying the pad so that it fits comfortably but not too tight.


Issue: Unit isn’t heating or cooling – Fail Safe Switch Function:

Possible Fixes:

If you find that the cooling or heating system is not working properly on your device, it is possible that the safety switch has been activated because the device was getting too hot. This may be caused by a blockage of the air intake vent that is used to cool the pump. If this occurs, turn the device off and make sure that there are If the no objects (e.g. clothing) within six inches of the device. The switch will automatically reset after a few minutes. Upon resuming use, ensure that the power of the device is set to a lower level temporarily (level 5). Never use a power adapter other than the one provided with the device.


Issue: Unit does not seem hot or cold enough – Ensure maximum heat or cool:

Possible Fixes:

Some users have noticed that wearing the pad too tightly can reduce the maximum heat and cool that the device can achieve. If this happens, try loosening the pad and resuming use.


Issue: Unit is not getting power – Adapter malfunction or Power fuse failure:

Possible Fixes:

  1. If the green light on the AC/DC adapter does not turn on, the adapter could be defective or overused.*
  2. There is a possibility that, over time, the power fuse to your device may need to be replaced.*


Other issues to consider:

  • If the power supply plug connection malfunctions it could be broke or defective and not making the proper connection.
  • If there is a kink in the pad or hose the unit automatically stops pumping water into the pad and the water circulates inside the device until obstruction is released.


*If part of your device needs to be repaired or replaced, please call us at 877.646.1222 or notify us online. You should not attempt to fix the device yourself or allow someone to fix it. Attempting to repair the device yourself will result in the invalidation of the Warranty.

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