Max Flow Nasal Strips

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Max Flow Nasal Strips
History of Max Flow Nasal Strips

In order to breathe through the nose, the air must pass through the nostrils and then through the internally located valves. Many people suffer from conditions which cause one or both of these openings to slightly, or even completely, close. When such conditions occur, breathing through the nose becomes very uncomfortable and even impossible. This leads to “mouth breathing” which is less comfortable and, more importantly, not as healthy as breathing through the nose.

The dual action Max Flow nasal strip was invented by a plastic surgeon with an intimate understanding of nasal anatomy and related issues with nasal passage airflow. He recognized that maximum airflow may only be achieved with a device that effectively works to dilate and hold open both the internal valve and the nostrils at the same time.


Why are Max Flow Strips superior to existing strips?

Existing nasal strips rely on a single strip which only partially opens the nasal passages. These strips only work to open the internal valve, but do nothing to help dilate and keep open the nostrils. The dual action Max Flow nasal strip utilizes two connected, but independently acting, resilient strips that simultaneously dilate the internal nasal valves and maintain open nostrils. As a result, the user achieves the maximum volume of nasal airflow possible. The top strip is affixed across the bridge of the nose to dilate the internal valves, while the bottom strip is affixed across the soft, fleshy part of the nose with the ends located on the outer part of the nostril. The innovative, patented, dual strip design was the result of extensive research and testing.


Max Flow Nasal Strips


Where can I find Max Flow Strips?

Max Flow Strips are currently under development with introduction planned in 2018.

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