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What is Laser-Seal?

Laser-Seal (TM) is an innovation in laser resurfacing – a transparent occlusive silicone wound dressing that may allow CO2 laser results with Erbium Laser recovery. Laser-Seal was developed by a plastic surgeon, who realized the need for an improved occlusive dressing for patients.

Laser-Seal is an occlusive dressing applied to the face in a gel form. In a matter of minutes, the self-setting silicone gel turns into a thin, semi-transparent membrane with adhesive qualities that supports a moist wound environment. Laser-Seal is non-reactive, non-resorbable and allows for the exchange of gases, such as oxygen and water vapor, through the dressing. Laser-Seal precisely adapts to the shape of the underlying facial structures, does not require tailoring, is easy to apply, and requires a minimal application time of 8-10 minutes for the entire face.

Laser-Seal consists of silicone and a catalyst, each in a separate container. They are mixed in a cartridge while being delivered to the laser treated area using a specially designed applicator gun.



Why is Laser-Seal superior to other wound dressings?

Traditional adhesive tape dressings or ointments, commonly used post-laser surfacing procedures, present several issues:

  • Cumbersome process of application.
  • Failure of tape dressings to adhere to, and protect, the skin surface.
  • Invariable need for replacement of the tape the day after initial application and the inability to detect infection developing under the tape dressing.


On the other hand, Laser-Seal allows for:

  • Faster applications thus reducing operating room time.
  • Complete and precise molding of the dressing and adaptation to facial form. This dressing follows the contours of the face and effectively covers challenging areas, particularly on and around the nose.
  • Easy removal. After four to five days, the perioral silicone loosens, facilitating removal of the entire mask by segmental, gentle peeling.


Where can I find Laser-Seal?

Laser-Seal will be available for purchase in 2018.

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