Welcome to Innovative Medical Equipment, LLC.
IME is a medical device development company with technological expertise in biological temperature management.

  • Established in 2009 with operations in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Focused on pain management and thermal therapy devices
  • Technologically innovative with products that fill a void in the current thermal therapy market

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Innovative Medical Equipment Thermazone Device

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Welcome to Innovative Medical Equipment, LLC.
IME is a medical device manufacturer with technological expertise in biological temperature management.

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ThermaZone Pad Cutaway
What Our Customers Are Saying About Us
"Great!!! I just had a knee replacement and need to elevate and "ice" several times a day. Living alone, unable to drive, I could not handle the store bought ice required for my friend's ice machine. I searched for something that would do the job without the hassle. I ordered the Thermazone Continuous Thermal Therapy device. It arrived in 2 days. It is light, compact and does the job. You can program it to accommodate your needs/time etc. You also have a heat option - I have not used this yet. Uses very little distilled water. I use it several times a day and highly recommend the unit. I am facing the other knee replacement. The thermal zone has been a great investment for me and I highly recommend to all. Thank you."
Cecily B.

Cecily B.

"Having had multiple knee surgeries over the years. We were very familiar with cooling devices. We used the game ready among other cooling devices down to just plain ice pads. My daughter just had knee surgery. We used the ThermaZone Continuous Thermal Therapy Device from day one around the clock. Never having to be held hostage by ice was amazing. With everything else, it was check the ice. Empty the water and add more ice. Ice, ice, ice and you became a slave to ice and the clock. With this device, you set the timer and coolness and that was it. The Endless Ice Days are over! It was an amazing device and I'm delighted that we found it."
Howard W.

Howard W.

"I love this device!!
I work out and need to ice my knee due to patella issues and this machine works BEAUTIFULLY!! The knee pad gets nice and cold, there's a timer and there's no ice to content with just a small bottle of distilled water!! Plus it's very convenient to travel with (at least by car). BONUS: Can also use for heat therapy. LOVE THIS MACHINE!! I HIGHLY recommend this machine! Worth every penny!!"
Anne Z.

Anne Z.

"The ThermaZone is amazing! I am a competitive swimmer and I have been using it for a couple months to both ice and heat my shoulder before and after practices.  I used to use ice packs that were wrapped onto my shoulder, but I always feel immobilized and unable to do work.  With the ThermaZone, I am able to do homework, eat meals, and even take it in the car and drive with it on.  The other thing I love about the ThermaZone is that it is small, compact and light. I can fit the wall charger, car charger, distilled water, shoulder pad, and machine in the bag. Even when it is full, the bag is light and easy to carry.  I would suggest the ThermaZone for anyone who wants quick relief without being immobilized at the same time."
Taylor F.

Taylor F.

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